Yoga Program

Our gentle yoga classes are for anyone who desires to combine Hatha yoga poses with stretching, deep breathing, internal awareness and relaxation. This combination creates a practice that promotes a strong, yet flexible, physical body and an overall feeling of peace and well being. Our class size will be small, with a maximum of 8 students, and a highly supported and individualized environment.

The Yoga Sanctuary is beautifully designed to be very peaceful and inviting, with numerous props available to support your practice and a radient heating system within the floor, for your comfort. 1-on-1 private yoga therapy sessions will also be available within the Yoga Sanctuary, to address chronic or acute issues, in combination with the other forms of therapy currently available at Tranquility.

At the heart of yoga is the message that every human being is, by nature, balanced and whole. Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that increases our awareness of our inner nature, and allows the body, mind and spirit to be healthier and more in harmony. When physical and mental conflicts within the body are reduced, the mind is freed for deeper spiritual concentration, personal reflection and joyful living. We look forward to sharing the beauty and peace of this practice with you!

Please call to learn about our class sessions and to sign-up.

Yoga Parties

We now offer customized yoga gatherings for small groups and special occasions. Here are some of our ideas, and we would love to hear yours, the list is endless! Imagine a relaxing and balancing yoga event for wedding parties, showers, book clubs or couples. Or perhaps you are looking for a bit more fun and a yoga party sounds like a great way to gather a group of friends together for a "girl's night out", family reunion or teen birthday party. Our latest inquiries have been a bible study group and a business manager seeking a mini-retreat to promote deep restoration, cohesiveness and renewal for the offi ce. Our warm and inviting Yoga Sanctuary can accommodate up to 10 people, and the classes can range from $100-$200. We have availability on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings or weekends after 1:00 pm. Please call for further information and let the Yoga begin!


Tranquility Upcoming Yoga Classes

yoga St. Charles, IL

"The yoga room is a peaceful oasis where i drink in calm that lasts throughout my hectic day"

  -Denise, St. Charles

"I look forward to my yoga class at Tranquility. It truly completes my week. I am so much more aware of my breathing and have learned to use it in ways I never thought possible. It reduces my stress. I love the friendly spirits in the small class. It has truly changed my life"

  -Mindy, St. Charles

Upcoming Yoga Classes

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