Infrared Sauna

Infrared Saunas differ from conventional saunas because the infrared light waves penetrate facial and muscular tissue, helping to rid the body of toxins that are stored deeper in the body. Conventional saunas remove 3% of the toxins while an infrared sauna removes 17% of our body’s toxins. The detoxifying benefits help rid your body of accumulated metals such as lead, mercury and nickel as well as alcohol, nicotine and sulfuric acid. They are more comfortable due to the lower temperatures of 130-140 degrees compared to the 180-220 degrees of a conventional sauna. Infrared Sauna therapy has many other health benefits including Stress Reduction and relaxation, increased blood circulation, which has been shown to relieve acne, Eczema, psoriasis and clears off deeply imbedded impurities and dead skin cells. Infrared saunas help to enhance the immune system, relieve muscle pain, increase metabolism and can be effective in treatment of sprains, bursitis, joint stiffness and cardiovascular health.

Infrared Sauna with Steam Shower $35 (45 min)
Steam Shower Only $15 (15 mins)

Articles to Read:
"Saunas for Detoxification" - Share Guide - The Holistic Health Magazine; written by Dr. Raleigh Duncan

"Saunas of Splendor" - The Monthly, July 2004; written by Cornelia Read


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