Do you have sensitive skin?

Do you ever experience redness, blotchiness, or irritation after cleansing? Does your skin seem to be more uneven and rough? These are signs of sensitivity. Sensitive skin can be caused by sun exposure, dehydration, over use of exfoliants and other environmental factors. Our Sensitive Skin Care Treatment Facial will help to calm and sooth the redness and irritation you are experiencing. The treatment involves a redness reduction exfoliation with gentle vitamin C anti-oxidant, licorice extract for its anti-inflammatory benefits and calming botanicals to soothe the skin. We finish with a Seaweed Mask that evens out the texture, calms redness and highly nourishes your sensitive skin.

Do you know the difference between sensitive skin and sensitized skin?

Sensitive skin is usually hereditary. You were born with a ruddier complexion which reacts more severely to environmental changes. Sensitive skin is found in ethnic groups from Scandinavian descent. Sensitized skin occurs from environmental damage. Too much sun exposure, using products that are too abrasive, over indulgence with chemical peels and products with unbalanced pH all contribute to sensitized skin conditions.

Are you concerned you may have Rosacea?

This skin condition is on the rise in women and men in their 40’s and older. It can be caused or accelerated by stress, diet, environmental elements and topical irritants Again; it starts out as sensitized skin that has been depleted of its natural moisture. The barrier of the skin is compromised by the use of harsh, over-stimulating products and treatments. The first signs of rosacea are redness and irritation. This can become more and more severe and lead to bumps and pustules and inflammation. The best treatment is prevention. If we catch this early, we can prescribe products and treatments to calm and soothe the skin so that it does not progress into the severe stages of Rosacea.


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